About the Book


Always Good Ships was originally published in 1986 for Newport News Shipbuilding’s 100th anniversary. The world has changed in the past 25 years and so has the shipyard, but Good Ships are still being built there by old and new generations of shipbuilders.

This edition of Always Good Ships incorporates some design changes but its format is basically the same as the original. A total of 30 new ships (7 aircraft carriers, 17 submarines, and 6 tankers) have been added, and the histories of about 150 have been updated. The revisions include the sad loss of some of our favorites (SS AMERICA, USS AMERICA, USS VIRGINIA, tug HUNTINGTON) tempered by the stubborn survival of others (cargo ship MEDINA, tug BATH, cable ship JOSEPH HENRY, ferry BINGHAMTON, SS UNITED STATES, the battleship TEXAS). In testament to their quality, some of the survivors are still afloat into their second century.



This 8.5” x 11” volume with over 300 four-color and black and white photographs depicts 530 Newport News ships. It will not be available in bookstores.

Purchase your copy for $39.95. Please include $6.00 shipping and handling (per order), and 5% sales tax (VA residents). Order online or send order and check payable to “Always Good Ships” to: Always Good Ships, The Donning Company Publishers, 184 Business Park Drive, Suite 206, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. For additional information, please emailinfo@AlwaysGoodShips.com or contact Pamela Engelhard, the Donning Company Publishers, at 800-369-2646 x3370.
Book Specifications:
8.5″ x 11”: hard cover limited-edition, signed and numbered by the author, 432 pages complemented with more than 300 four-color and black and white photographs.



William A. Fox, born in Newport News during the hectic shipbuilding years of World War II, is the naval architect whose research helped to restore the tug DOROTHY, Newport News Hull No. 1, in 1976. He originally researched and wrote Always Good Ships for Newport News Shipbuilding’s centennial in 1986.

Mr. Fox graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1965 and received his Master’s Degree in Urban Studies from Old Dominion University in 1979. He worked for Newport News Shipbuilding; for Esso (Exxon) International in New York, Italy, and Spain; and for Stanwick International in Iran before retiring from Alion/JJMA in 2006. He is the author ofDowntown Newport News, as well as many articles on local and maritime history.